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Don Glover

Programming Writer focused on the developer experience. Application developer with 15 years experience turned writer. Experienced writer in the developer space. Familiar with JAVA, C, C#, and Windows Azure.

General Info

  • LocaleGreater Seattle region
  • Phone (206)297-0954

Work Experience

  • Amazon

    October 2022 —Present

    Technical Programmer Writer

    Writing and updating api and developent documentation for Amazon devices.

  • Delhivery

    April 2022 —September 2022

    Lead Technical Writer

    Writing and updating documentation for the launch of the OS1 Platform. Specifying processes, mentoring new writers, and determining standards for the documentation. Contributing to UI design of the developer dashboard.

  • Gaia Platform

    March 2021 —March 2022

    Technical Writer

    Writing the initial documentation for the Gaia Platform product. Specified the style guide and documentation source format. Converted existing documentation to Markdown format. Setup the docs repository on GitHub. Setup publishing the pipeline on Building the technical content using DocFx. Working with the Web Design team to define the Resources experience on Review and rewrite error messages. Minor video editing as needed.

  • Design Laboratory (Gaia Platform)

    December 2020 — February 2021

    Technical Writer

    Writing content for the Gaia Platform database. Working with samples in declarative C++. Designed and published the documentation website.

  • Design Laboratory (Microsoft)

    October 2019 — June 2020

    Senior Consultant (Programmer Writer)

    On a managed service assignment. Wrote content for PlayFab. Reviewed and merged pull requests to the live repository on GitHub. Redesigned the main PlayFab landing page. Updated outdated documentation and code samples in JavaScript and C#.

  • Protiviti Inc. (Microsoft)

    April 2019 — August 2019

    Programmer Writer

    Wrote API reference content for Xbox. Reading and Writing C++ sample code.

  • Motiv Inc. (Microsoft)

    January 2019 — April 2019


    Worked on Azure content projects for Microsoft Customer Support Services.

  • VentureLoop (Unity Technologies)

    October 2017 — December 2018

    Technical Writer

    Writing developer content for the Unity Service. Supporting multiple teams located in Bellevue, Austin, Montreal, Blackfield, and Copenhagen. Features covered include Collaboration, Cloud Build, Bug Reporting, Performance.

  • Zensa, LLC (Microsoft)

    February 2016 — August 2017

    Technical Content Writer (Programmer Writer)

    Wrote developer content for the next version of Machine Learning operationalization. Updated existing v1 operationalization content. Created REST API documentation for Azure Resource Manager based APIs. Wrote scripts for how to videos. Wrote sample C# code for articles and to test the REST API calls.

  • Prime Team Partners (DocuSign)

    October 2015 — February 2016

    Senior Technical Writer

    Updated existing API documentation and migrated it to a new platform. Established a style guide for the developer API documentation. Wrote sample C# code to better understand the REST API calls.

  • MAQ Consulting (Microsoft)

    April 2014 — June 2015

    Programmer Writer

    Wrote and updated materials for the open source community. Participated in creating the website. Set up, configured, and maintained support software such as Office 365 and Discourse forums. Updated the html5 labs website in Umbraco. Recorded internal open source talks and edited video for internal distribution.

  • Amazon

    January 2013 — March 2014

    Technical Writer

    Wrote developer content for the Mobile Apps SDK (Kindle Fire). Wrote sample Java code to better understand the REST API calls and for code snippets in the documentation.

  • Microsoft

    May 2010 — December 2012

    Programming Writer

    Wrote developer and IT pro documentation for the Microsoft Windows Azure platform. Collaborated with the product team to plan the focus and scope of documentation in a dynamic environment. Additional responsibilities included: forming internal and external CABs for the documentation efforts, triaging community feedback, and reviewing sample code.

    April 2007 — April 2010

    Programming Writer

    Updated and wrote documentation for the Microsoft CNG and Crypto APIs. I worked with Program Managers to determine documentation priorities and needs. In addition, I responded to customer queries received through several feedback channels, enhancing the documentation and helping to solve customer issues. Wrote sample Java code to better understand the REST API calls and for code snippets in the documentation.

    June 2005 — April 2007

    Programming Writer

    Documented the Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) portion of Microsoft’s BizTalk Server product, covering all user roles: Business Analyst, IT Professional, and Developer. During this time, I participated in Microsoft’s “Red Team” in which I participated in a “war room” style effort to reduce the number of bugs that had been reported to us by the government’s technical committee.

  • Volt (Microsoft)

    September 2003 — September 2004, January 2005 — June 2005


    Wrote documentation for the Accessible Technologies API at Microsoft. This included writing sample code in C#, reading specifications and source code, as well as working with Program Managers and developers to understand the technology. Wrote sample Java code to better understand the REST API calls and for code snippets in the documentation.

  • Redmond Technology (Dexterra)

    October 2004 — December 2004


    Researched and specified the documentation tool for the project. Specified the layout and content for the Dexterra Explorer Developers tool documentation. Wrote the documentation for Dexterra Explorer using RoboHelp.

  • Edifecs

    May 2003 — August 2003


    Documented COM- and Java-based APIs for Edifecs XEngine EDI to XML validation component.

  • Sakson & Taylor (Microsoft)

    January 2002 — December 2002


    Investigated and documented internal protocols and APIs for the Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems at Microsoft. The position entailed reading C and C++ code and writing documentation that would enable a third party to code methods to respond to Windows-based clients

  • Independent Contractor

    November 2001 — January 2002


    Rewrote C code to convert the API from one model of cash register to a newer model.

  • Sakson & Taylor (Microsoft)

    August 2000 — August 2001


    Wrote sample code and reference documentation for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Worked closely with the developers to understand the controls and their uses, read the source code for the controls, and wrote C# sample code and documentation for the user reference. The position necessitated working under pressure within the deadlines allowed while being flexible enough to work with a changing product.

  • Eaglesoft Corporation

    August 1997 — July 2000

    Software Developer

    Eaglesoft was a provider of warehouse management software. The system consisted of a desktop component, which was written in Visual Basic, a hand-held scanner code (Symbol and Intermec) written in C and a Microsoft SQL data base. Minor components included Windows NT services written in C/C++ for managing data transfers to the SQL database through TCP/IP, barcode printing support, and support DLLs. Eaglesoft also provided product- and project-level services to companies such as Hamilton Avnet, USPS, and Boise Cascade, building solutions in C and Visual Basic. For many of the projects the position entailed onsite customer interaction and management.

  • Independent Contractor

    December 1992 — July 1997

    Software Developer

    During this time I was mainly contracted to Eaglesoft where I helped develop Visual Basic—based EDI software by using an MS Access database. I developed a DLL and several barcode scanner applications in C for Eaglesoft customers such as Intel. I was responsible for setting up and maintaining the corporate web and mail servers. I also contracted for a short project at Microsoft in the ITG group, coding an internal education sign up application in Visual Basic.77

  • Unison Software Group

    March 1992 — November 1992

    Software Developer

    Designed and coded test software for communications equipment in Visual Basic and C. Designed and implemented a real-time data transfer system in C using TCP/IP connectivity that used cellular modems to communicate with Sun workstations.

  • Independent Contractor

    August 1991 — January 1992

    Software Developer

    C developer.

  • Appraisal Software Company

    July 1990 — June 1991

    Software Developer

    C developer.

  • Branch Personnel

    June 1990 — July 1990

    Contract Employee

    XENIX operating system consultant.

  • Panoply Corporation, October 1988 — July 1990

    Software Developer

    C developer.

What is a Programming/Programmer Writer?

A programmer writer (sometimes known as a programming writer) develops documentation that developers need to do their jobs. This encompasses writing technical references as well as guides to programming techniques and sample code to demonstrate the techniques. To develop documentation, the programmer writer researches features and functions, writes code to figure out how things work, and translates the knowledge gained into written documentation.

Some of the attributes of a programmer writer are:

  • A passion for technology and for software that uses those technologies.
  • Possess good programming skills in languages such as c, c++, c#, Java, Visual Basic (VB), and others.
  • A natural curiosity about how things work.
  • An enjoyment of learning.
  • Self-confidence to ask a developer for information and the willingness to research the issues before talking to the developer.
  • The ability to ask for help from others and to be able to say "I don't know" or "I don't understand."
  • Good communication skills — both written and verbal.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to meet tight deadlines.
  • Tenaciousness in keeping up with continually changing code and interfaces.
  • Adaptability and flexibility to work with schedules and priorities that change frequently.
  • The patience to deal with changes that occur during the course of the project.
  • An ability to learn quickly.
  • Self-directed and a strong self-starter.
  • Is an advocate for the customer and for user education.

Tasks that programmer writers may perform as part their job:

  • Writing sample applications, if none exist to demonstrate specific technologies or techniques.
  • Reading code to understand how things work.
  • Figuring out how programmers will use the application programming interface (API).
  • Translating implementation specifications to reference information.
  • Spelunking through header files to validate reference information.
  • Completing drafts for technical review.
  • Incorporating feedback from reviewers.
  • Fixing errors that have been found in the documentation.
  • Working with editors during edit passes and handling queries that editors raise.
  • Talking to testers, developers, and engineers from developer support to get information.
  • Managing assignments to meet schedules.
  • Developing tutorials around samples.
  • Participating in team meetings with developers or documentation team members.
  • Staying informed by keeping up on e-mail from aliases that provide information about project issues and status.

The programmer writer (programming writer) job title seems to be a creation of Microsoft, though many technology companies (companies such as Amazon and Bea Systems) seem to be adding the job title to their ranks. Microsoft has been standardizing on the programming writer title recent years.



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